Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breakfast in Kuching, where to go?

In Kuching, Sarawak, there isn't much varieties for breakfast actually. Almost every cafe/restaurant that you go, you will see people selling sarawak laksa and kolok mee. I guess, that is favourite food for Kuching folks.

Highly recommended for tourist to go this restaurant. Choon Hui Cafe. They probably had the best Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee in Kuching.

It is located next to Grand Continental Hotel, Kuching.

Choon Hui version: Sarawak Laksa, yummy !!! RM 3.50 per bowl.
Taste: 2 x thumbs up
WIFI: Hey, it is normal cafe ok. Dream on.
Cleaniness: 3 star
Halal: Yes, but no certification lar.

Choon Hui version: Popiah, RM 2
My Kuching friend Tze Yong's recommend me this Popiah.
Taste: Average (sorry tze yong, hahaha)
Price: Standard

Reason being, I still prefer popiah from Malacca, near the Jalan Bunga Raya.

Open Air Market in Kuching is also a place that you should go. At least to have a look. The food served at Open Air Market, Kuching was so so only. It doesn't taste good at all. Our local favourite show "Ho Chak" did present the stalls from Open Air Market. Trust me, it was not good. "Indah Khabar Dari Rupa".

Apparently another favourite food of Kuching folks was "Siow bee" (hokkien) / "Siu Mai" (cantonese). I remember that one of the superstar show participants recommended this Siow Bee to the audience. Arghh .. such a awful food to swallow. The siow bee lack of meat and full of flour. Taste so awful. Nothing compare to our Dim Sum at Ipoh/KL.

This is how Open Air Market in Kuching look like.

The so called famous "Siow Bee". Worth a try to re-assure my statement. To Kuching-nite, sorry mates, siow bee in Kuching really taste bad.

Huh, Chong Choon Cafe is a cafe that I must recommend to all west Malaysia people to go. They also served the standard Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee. But one thing that really OPEN MY EYES BIG BIG was there were no DISCRIMINATIONS at all.

I was so surprise to find HALAL & NON-HALAL food served next to each other side by side at the entrance of the cafe. Even muslim & non-muslim people share the same restaurant, same space, same table with their halal and non-halal food. I bet you can't find this kind of restaurant/cafe in Peninsula of Malaysia.

To Kuching muslim folks, you have my greatest salute. 21 gun salutes, hehehe joking.

I remember the old folks in my kampung telling me that in the past, there aren't like this where all the races in Malaysia are so separated. They are so harmony in the past as compare to now.

Chong Choon version: Kolok Mee

Chong Choon version: Sarawak Laksa, 2nd rank after Choon Hui

Chong Choon version: Giant Teh 'C' Ais. Highly recommended. Taste damn good.


Coffee Girl... said...

hi. it's kolok mee, not 'golok'. haha. and the open air siow bee is reportedly the best in town, but to me mana-mana pun jadi asal aku kenyang. :-)

Alex Yap said...

oh .. my bad .. typo ..

oh well, i spent 4 days in kuching, apparently the food that i eat most is kolok mee/sarawak laksa ..

i even brought back few packets of sarawak laksa paste to cook at home. I prefer sarawak laksa as compared to curry laksa in peninsular malaysia. more aroma.

Globalized Dayung said...

You should go to other places to eat Siow bee. Siow bee in BDC is nice. If I want to eat rojak sotong, then I go to the open air market..oh I miss siow bee or Siu mai in Cantonese. Dayung coffee Girl, mee kolo again but in Siburan.... hate thinking like a pregnant woman when I'm in the USA, as I cant eat my fav morning night food...kolo mee...