Monday, August 25, 2008

Weapon Of Mass Destruction Striked Back

If SF is the Queen of Destruction, then NingNing will be the Weapon of Mass Destruction...

Last week, when we went back to mom's house at UYB, Ning Ning did this to her cousin's toy.



Me: Han Wen (my nephew), su su (uncle) say sorry cause Ning Ning damage your toys.

** my nephew face turns sour.. He looked so sad.

Me: It's ok Han Wen, su su going to get a new one for you as a replacement. Don't worry about it.

Nephew: Ok ok ... (Turn to happy mode again.)

Me: Do you want the same toy or this time you wanted a remote control helicopter toy?

Nephew: Ehhh ..

Me: How about su su get you this new thing, the remote control helicopter toy.

Nephew: Ok ok ... (Turn to super happy mode.)

Niece: Su Su, you get two ya ! One for Han Wen ko ko, one for Hsuen Hsuen, ok.

Opss ... got trapped. Now need to get 2 toy instead of one liao.

Ning Ning, by the time you visit daddy's blog, remember of this. It is your mistake, but daddy have to cover for you. No next time ok.

PS: Ning Ning, can daddy deduct the money from your bank account arr?

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