Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joker Of The Day ... Yahoooo !!!!

Wanted to know the jokes/joker of the day ..

Visit here, here and here !!!!!

Can't stop laughing at those idiots, jerks or scumbag.

Our beloved B_d_wi trying to be populist here. No power. Of course lar, people suggest only lar, how on earth Khalid can change anything. Education under Federal governance. No need to say, everyone know. Sighhh ...

Oh ya, wanted to play hangman, fill in the blanks above.

Can't help to wonder what is Malaysia? No freedom to say anything, people suggest/discuss something, then a "rombongan"/platoon go protests. Damn. Wake up my dear Malay-sian. Protests is ok, but have to do it peacefully. Don't go and threaten people.

What is the thing to FEAR about? So timid. Don't be coward. Face the challenge.

I have a lot of malay colleagues in my office. I can tell you that they are very smart indeed. I just don't understand why this bunch of peoples are so scared of having non-bumi in their school. Isn't that MARA also accepting non-bumi nowadays? Any problem?


bubbles said...

Hi Alex. I think i'll continue this in your blog instead of Michael's blog. Yes, i know Puan Lee. I was in the '92 batch (i was in Form 5 in 1992). Have you enrolled in SEMESTA by then? I know it's extremely hard being the minority during those days.

Alex Yap said...

hey bubbles .. i join SEMESTA in 1992. I was in form 1 in 1992. I remember some chinese in form 5 at that time Tan & Teh. Both boys. But I don't remember seeing any chinese lady in form 5 back then?

bubbles said...

hey, come to think of it. i do remember 1 chinese boy in Form 1. Yes, Tan & Teh were the same batch as me. Probably i'm not that outstanding for you to notice me.(which is odd considering im the only one..haha). I'm Lim btw, dunno if you recall that.

Alex Yap said...

Hey Lim

Perhaps, I'm the chinese boy that you remember though. Hahaha. In fact, there is another chinese boy called chu kwong nian. I basically lost contact with him since he left the school in form 3. Back then, no email and mobile phone is luxury thing. Phone also changed, hence lost contact already.

So you are my senior then. In fact, it is Abang Tan, wow still use Abang n Kakak ya. Boarding school tradition. It is Tan who advise me to study hard and excel in sport in order to gain respect in this school. Tan is very good in high jump back then.

So I took his advice well enough. I did well in my studies and I am ex-national player for Rugby for Malaysia U19 team that went to Taiwan.

How's life? still keeping in touch with Tan?

Wow, it seems that we have to thank Mike for a little re-union ya.

bubbles said...

Ya, what a small world indeed. Who would've thought we could trace someone from our secondary school through a blog.
Well done as you have done good in your life. I have totally lost contact with either Tan/Teh ever since i left SEMESTA. I also remembered 2 boys in Form 3 named Kan and Hee, actually.

Alex Yap said...

good day lim

ya .. kan n hee .. kan the smart fella. book worm .. hee play rugby as well.

I also lost contact with them.

do you have a blog?

my email

Alex Yap said...


Are you in Ping Cheng? with company Bxxxn?