Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ning Ning - Stars of Pureen

As a follow up from Ning Ning - Stars of Pureen, on our way home back to UYB, we go to Jalan Ipoh to pick up the gifts from Today Publishing office.

Ning Ning with her prizes ... (the precious ...)

Ning Ning: Huh, this is what I get? Not bad ya. Got diapers, just nice for me. Wah .. got yogurt bath.. later NIng Ning skin mah smooth smooth lor ...

Ning Ning: Aik, what's that, let me check it out first ...

Ning NIng: Daddy, mommy, what is that, Ning NIng still can't figure it out ..

1 comment:

Zulkarim said...

Aaauuwww such an adorable child!!