Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To DetermineHow Many Seeds/Cloves in Mangosteen?

Ya Ya Ya I know, the season for mangosteen is almost over. I should have blogged about this much much earlier but what to do, the procrastination bug infected me.

Question: How do you determine how many seeds/cloves in the mangosteen?

Theng .. theng ... THENG !!!!!

Answer: Look at the bottom of the mangosteen. The cloves at the bottom of the mangosteen denotes how many seeds/cloves inside the mangosteen.

One more tip for you, even the size of the cloves also determine the actual cloves size in the mangosteen.

FYI, if Durian was consider as King of Fruit, then his partner would be Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruit.

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