Thursday, August 14, 2008

Women and Satay? Unbelievable !!!

Yesterday, after getting some groceries from Tesco, suddenly I felt like eating mutton satay. FYI, at Pusat Bandar Puchong, there is a food court call Everyday. They have the best mutton satay that I ever tasted. Even better than Kajang one. No joke. If you ever pass by, go try it.

It was prepared by a Malay family, so I consider it halal. But the tricky thing is the stall is in non-halal food court. Beside it, was another Malay Ikan Bakar stall.

Last week, my satay scenario: It is about dinner time, 5:30pm like that.

Me: Dear, do you want to satay?

SF: Err.. don't want.

Me: Ok, I'll go get 5 chicks satay for myself.

Happily taken all 5 satay + 1 rice.

SF: Aik, you never left anything for me? (Upset face.)

Me: Huh !! Just now I asked/offered, you said you don't want !

SF: Aiya, you don't sayang me wan, never even left 1 stick for me. Sighhh ... (*more upset face*)

So out of my sense of guilty, I decided to go to get some satay, this time I asked SF also.

This week satay scenario:

Me: Dear, I wanted to get some satay lar. Long time didn't eat the mutton satay already.

SF: What, you already had satay last week.

Me: Ya, that one UYB satay, chicks one not mutton one.

SF: Grrr .. go go .. I want 5 chick satay ya.

Me: Ok. (Happily make a detour to Everyday food court at Pusat Bandar Puchong. "Tak tak tak sheung soh yuen")

Got the satay within 10 mins. Huh, the whole car smell of satay. Aiya, blogging this make me hungry liao.

Reached home. Serve it nicely on plate.

SF: Hmm.. I'm a little bit bloated already, hubby, you finish it lar. (This after taking 2 sticks)

Me: har !!! :o .... Grrr .. Happily stuff the extra chick satay into my big tummy.

Morale of the story: WOMEN ARE SO UNPREDICTABLE !!!!!!!

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