Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cocky Lady

The other day, we went to Jusco to do some shopping. So happened that Johnson is having Baby Of The Year contest and the entry requirement is pretty straight forward and appealing.

1. You just need to buy any Johnson's Baby Product.
2. Prepare 2 photos of your baby.
3. Send your entry via online, mail or via-store.

Stand chance to see your baby’s picture appear on magazine covers. Cash and prizes worth over RM45,000 to be won

So SF was pretty excited (syok sendiri parent, like that lar). SF always believe Ning Ning could win something. ahahhaha. So we found the cheapest product that make us eligible for the contest. It is the smallest size of baby talcum powder with lavender (was meant to make baby sleep better at night) that only cost us RM 2.80 per bottle. What a bargain right?

So SF happily queuing at the cashier counter to pay for the goods. Is during that time Ning Ning start waving to another kid in front of her. Ya Ning Ning get very thrilled whenever she saw kids around her. She like the company of other kids. Ning Ning wanted to show off her skills of waving I guess.

So while queuing, the other kid brought out the toy handphone (a nice one, I guess it is some sort of branded toys. WAT branded toys handphone. Damn .. ) So Ning Ning also pretending that she speak on the phone by just putting her palm on her ear. We all nearby (inclusive the cashier, the couple queuing in front of SF, SF, myself and practically everyone nearby) just get amused by her reaction.

Coincidencely the mother of the kid was queuing in front of SF, so I was like, what the heck, to show friendliness, I decided to crack up a communication with the so called FRIENDLY MALAYSIAN.

Me: Har, my naughty daughter likes to imidate adult actions by talking on the phone.

Cocky Lady: Oh, she is so adorable. alo alo (playing with ning ning)

Me: Thank you. I got her a mobile phone toys as well. But the poor phone end up in multiple broken pieces on the first day cause she threw the phone to the ground.

Cocky Lady: You must have been buying the fake toys from pasar malam.

Me: No no .. I bought it from Tesco (in a very soft voice because the Cocky Lady fiercely condemned me for getting cheap stuff. What the heck)

Cocky Lady: Bla Bla Bla arrogantly. (Damn it, don't want to talk to this fella anymore.)

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