Friday, August 8, 2008

Benefit to Selangor Senior Citizen by Pakatan Rakyat #2

I dropped a call to 03-5544 7450. Unfortunately no one ever picked up .. grrr ....

I'm sure they know they should expect flooded of calls to find out more details about this benefit thing. But sad, no one was there to pick up calls.

Come to think of it, I find the execution a bit funny.

It stated that

4) RM500.00 will release to your parents after submission(in short time
period they will get it).

Selangor Government will update records and will arrange for interview with
your parents for the will that balance RM3,000.00 to
which children's account after they pass away
. The above
application just for senior citizen whoever stay in Selangor only.

My Doubts:
1. Why is that only RM 500 get released upon submission of form? That easy? No other verification needed?

2. Why is that the other RM 3000 only get released when they DIED? What is the rational? How does this help the old folks since the RM 3000 never get into their hands and instead goes to the children's account?

3. What happened if the parents don't wish to give the money to their kid and they indeed need the money to survive? What if the kids not filial?

4. How much money Selangor government need to prepare for this benefit? What is the impact to the state economy and development?

PS: somebody argue, like that the rich will also get the benefit !! I strongly disagree with this statement. Being a fair government, we shall not discriminate anyone by their status regardless they are rich or poor, we shall not discriminate them from their gender, skin color, outlook, languages and etc. I will blog this separately. Stay tuned.

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