Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing Catching Up .....

Yesterday, so happen that I found one of my high school mates's blog. Thanx to Nuffnang for having the blog tracking. From the blog tracking, it brought me to his blog, I found the links to the yahoo group of SEMESTA 96ers Batch.

Gosh .. I have been MIA all these while. I missed so many gatherings and weddings.

5 years in SEMESTA. 5 wonderful years. 5 years that filled with sweet and bitter memories. 5 of my wonderful teenage years in SEMESTA.

This is the place where I learn how to be independent.
This is the place where I make friends.
This is the place where I make my fame being a National Rugby Player.
This is the place where I study, eat, play, sleep, fight and etc.

So many good memories about this place.


Azahemy said...

haha... u found me!

Alex Yap said...

damn .. .

i seriously cannot recognized you when I saw you at Roy's wedding.

I was like which joker shake hand with me.

Then from NuffNang blog tracking, I saw you are one of the referral to my blog, so I pay visit to your blog. Then only I realized that you are school mates, dorm mates, class mates and etc.

You certainly piling up few more pounds. So do I. Gosh .. I gained 20 kilos for 2 years in Melbourne. Look at me fat. hahahaha.

But you certainly suprise me, considering that you are so small size when you were in high school. Seriously, can't believe it.