Thursday, August 7, 2008

Benefit to Selangor Senior Citizen by Pakatan Rakyat

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I saw this from Malaysia Today, please help to spread it around.

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Senior citizen who 60 years old and above to apply their allowance only once in a life time which is at RM3,500.00.
Procedure as follow:-
1) fill in the form
2) attach a copy of your parents i/c
3) submit to S.U.K. Shah Alam (in front of IPK Polis).
4) RM500.00 will release to your parents after submission(in short time period they will get it).

Government will update records and will arrange for interview with your parents for the will that balance RM3,000.00 to which children's account after they pass away. The above application just for senior citizen whoever stay in Selangor only.

You may submit the above application to S.U.K. Shah Alam on behalf of your parents.

If you have any further inquiries, you may contact 03-55447450 to find out more details.

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