Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ning Ning Featured in Stars of Pureen August Edition

Yesterday, as usual upon reaching home, I checked for any incoming mails. FYI, I'm the finance controller at home where I take care of all bills and all finance & legal matters. Then among the piles of incoming letters, I found one letter addressed to SF. It is a normal brown envelope with Today's Publishing official stamp on it.

I was like huh ?!~@#$%

Me: Honey, did you send in any article to any publishing house? (fyi, SF had an ambition to become a writer.)

SF: Nope, I didn't?

Me: Ah lar, this must be some sort of SPAM. (cause previously we do receive SPAM letter address to us to buy bungalow in KLANG. Forgot which neighborhood already. Just lately we do receive SPAM letter from Kumon. It was send by a lady. I guess she must be owning one of the Kumon center. The Kumon Method of Learning is the largest Mathematics and language learning system in the world with more than 4 million students in over 45 countries around the world.)

The I took a peep at the letter, WOW !!!

Me: Ning Ning won ! Ning Ning won !! Ning Ning won in the baby contest for Stars of Pureen.

Dad and mom was like, wah so "pandai" ar?

After the dinner, we quickly went out to buy a copy of the August 08 Parenthood and kept gawking at the photo many many times to ensure that we weren't dreaming lol! :P

So I have to retract my statement earlier on to SF that she is "perasan" parent. SF always over excited on something. So I told her, we have to take it easily. A higher hope means higher dissapointment. But I guess SF is right this time. She is the winner, simply because she persevere the most and she had the highest and magnificient self-believe.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Napoleon Bonaparte
French general & politician (1769 - 1821)
And we also have to say sorry to Today's Publishing for not knowing them as the official publisher for Parenthood mags.

We are gearing up for more perasan entries. Tonight we are going to developed more photos and send in more entries. Hopefully Ning Ning can strike the jackpot this time round.

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