Friday, August 8, 2008

Rich vs Poor

I get very disturbed whenever our politician said our policy should only benefit the poor. Things like petrol, water and others. I partially agree to this statement.

In one way, we should see that subsidy should really goes into the needy instead of the rich. But the question here is, how do we judge whether a person is rich or poor?

A person that earn RM 4000 with 5 household members?
A person that earn RM 4000 with 2 household members?

Bare in mind, that earning RM 4000 does not mean take home income. After deducting EPF, income tax, socso and others. Take home income is an approximate of RM 3280. After deducting house rental/installment, car installment, petrol, utilities and food. How much left? So you make the judgement on how to determine whether a person is rich or poor.

Being a good, caring and fair government, they shall not discriminate a person by its status. Whether the person or poor.

Please please don't set in your mindset that rich people shall not be helped. Come on, being rich is not a sin. The person become rich might due inheritance or by his/her own hardworking. Hence being rich is not a sin. It shall not be punished.

Every citizen shall received the equal and fair treatment.

If it is so hard to benchmark the rich and poor and why spending money and resources to govern something that deem hard to govern. Make the policy simple, open and fair to everyone. That will make life easier.

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