Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Best, Famous, Good Food In Ipoh - Tau Fu Fa

This place is a *MUST* visit in every Ipoh trip:

Funny Mountain (along Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar). In fact, it intersect with Jalan Theatre. If you can find Jalan Theatre, you won't miss this. For map, refer to my previous blog for Best, Famous, Good Food In Ipoh - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang.

They're famous for their soy bean product -- Tou fu fa and soy milk. See how people queue up. Normally people will buy takeaways or just eat in their car right in front of the shop. Yes, they do deliver to your car but not doorsteps lar.

Tau Fu Fa ... Smooth Smooth, Sweet Sweet ..

Another of my fav: Hak Bak (Black n White, mixture of soya bean + grass jelly. In KL, we normally named "Michael Jackson".)

If happen that you go for the Funny Mountain - Tau Fu Fa, and you are into Hong Kong Dim Sum, then you should never miss this. Foh San Dim Sum at the opposite row of the Funny Mountain - Tau Fu Fa. Foh San Dim Sum is the best in Ipoh. Lots of variety and tasty.

Very famous for their Fish Ball & Loh Mai Kai. If you wanted to go there, please be there at least 30 minutes earlier. Hints, very hard to get a table. So be prepared to wait. Go early so that you won't starve to death. Beside of Foh San, you can go to Ming Kok or Yuk Fuk Mun located near EXCELSIOR hotel in Ipoh. The row behind it.

43, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30300 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

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ShannonC. said...

i so have to agree with you on this on alex
whenever inlaws and us goes back to ipoh, we will make this stop a must... normally just order from the car, whack then cabut home... hahahaha
oh and not to mention, TAPAU!!!