Monday, May 26, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake - A Very Touching Story - Unconditional Love From A Person Called "MOM"

A tribute to a person called MOM !!

In Dujiangyan, rescuers witnessed a moment of unconditional love from a person call "Mom". The rescuers were digging for survivors and they found a young mother lay on her side in the rubble. In her arms, was a little infant girl about 3 - 4 months olds. The mother had already died but the infant survived. How? The baby survived on her mother's milk. The young mother ensured that her baby will still get her milk even when she died, so that she nursed her baby to the very last moment. The unconditional love from the mother to ensure her baby survived.

Rescuers said, “The baby’s healthy face was such a shocking contrast to her mother’s dust-covered lifeless face.”

The rescuers found the mother's handphone inside the baby's blanket with a message that reads "My darling baby, if you survive, please remember that I love you"...

From the curved body of the young mother, it showed that she was trying to protect her baby from the debris. She wanted to ensure her baby is unharmed.

When the rescuers carried the baby away from her mother, the baby cried, protesting loudly the moment her lips were away from her mother’s breast. I guess the baby knew that her mother has gone. She doesn’t want to be separated from her mother. Poor little baby. Dear little baby, stay strong, your mother sacrifice herself to ensure you survived from this aftermath. Appreciate the second life that your mother has given you.

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