Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Canon Ixus 860 IS - Simply The BEST

I first wrote on Canon Ixus 860 IS at here. Now our beloved camera Canon Ixus 860 IS is only 5 months old and guess what, I LOST the software CD. Jezz .. I can't think of where I put the CD. I'm just getting old.

Recently, my HP Pavillion a1597d give me problem with the hard disk and DVD ROM. I'll blog about this later. So because of this, I need to change the hard disk and basically I was left with nothing. Almost 50% of my files in the PC gone. Ya ya ya, I shall take some of the blame for not doing a complete backup of the data.

I even lost 4GB of my daugther photos + videos. Wuahhh .. lucky SF have some of it but not all of it. So I guess it is a bless in disguise (at least not a total lost) :((.

Back to Canon, I just loved the software provided by Canon for Canon Ixus 860 IS. Canon provide this software ZoomBrowser EX, EOS Utility and PhotoStitch. Apparently, ZoomBrowser EX helps you to download picture that you have not downloaded to PC before. Interesting huh. Previously, we normally need to remember what is the new picture that we need to transfer to our PC but with this software, they handle it for you. How convenient. The only drawback that we notice is the date problem as I explained in my previous blog entry. But perhaps, Canon compensate this feature by helping you to organize the downloaded photos into the respective folder identified by the date.

Opps .. I have not reach the point on why Canon simply the best. What happened is, I sent an email to Canon Customer Service regarding the missing software CD. To my surprise, they said they can prepare a replacement CD for me and it is FOC. It is like the icing on the cake that it is FOC because I've been to some service centre, they required me to pay for the replacement software CD. I know I can't ask for anything more although I would prefer if they could courier to me but by asking that, I guess it is way too much already. Beside, the timely response from their customer service officer is the absolute correct way of doing things. I really don't like people who procrastinate.

Thumbs up for Canon. I fall in love with them. Hmm .. perhaps I should get EOS 450D soon .. *hint hint*

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