Friday, May 16, 2008

Tun Dr Mahathir commented on my comment in his Chedet

After getting numerous number of "cyber" bullets from fans/readers on 15 May 2008 for my comments on the posting on UMNO - 62 Tahun (search the comment section for Alex Yap). I've decided to cool things down after that by issuing a public apology to Tun Dr Mahathir and his readers.

On 15 May 2008, he make another clarification to my statement at his writing at "Kepimpinanan UMNO masih "in denial"".

I have posted some comment by Amen on my public apology previously. Re-iterated here
Again, whatever I have written in the chedet was just my personal view.

Since all of us talking about ethics and responsibility in the article that we wrote. I was just saying, we should not be writing something on racial thing alone.

Orang melayu kata, kalau nak melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya. Exactly, in our article, we need to be moderate and keep our perspective wide rather than just focusing on something.

We all malaysian. When we look at other countries like US, people say they are american, they didn't say I'm white, I'm black. Same thing to indonesia, Indon people said I'm Indon they don't say I'm malay, chinese or arab. Only in malaysia, we told our next generation that you are malay, you are chinese, you are indian and you are lain-lain rather than instilling in our childrens mind that we are all malaysian !!!!

When we keep telling our next generation that our race have lose power. Lost ground and etc, why kind of mentality that we are instilling in them. I study in boarding school where 99% of my counterpart is malay. I sleep, play, eat with them for 5 years in secondary school and I can even Azan. I have a lot of good friends in Malay. Trust me, we all not racist but when our leader give racist remarks, how can we tell our children that don't be racist. Lead by example please.

: If you notice some grammar errors, please bear with me, my English is ain't that good. Perhaps I'm better in my malay. Hahahaha


jaromire said...

Syabas Alex. No all people can apologise if they feel it is inappropriate and it is a manly thing to do. Look foward again on your comment at Cheers

noor faiza said...

Dear Alex,

I guess u have became overnite "Mawi" by the comment u made in

I hope u are sincere with ur topic and not just for the sake of becoming popular.

In regards to ur comment above, I would to say that I always intoduce myself as a Malaysian whenever I travel abroad. And I beleive that every Malaysian do so whenever they travel.

Berbilang kaum wujud di Malaysia. Tapi bukan perkauman. Itulah uniknya. We are all Malaysian and Malaysia Boleh!!

Alex Yap said...

Dear Noor Faiza

I am sincere to what I have said. The fact is racist exist in Malaysia. Do you agree with me about this?

So do I, I introduce myself as Malaysian whenever I'm abroad. At certain extend, I could say I proud because we are masyarakat majmuk. We all born in Malaysia. Everyone of us, by somehow contribute something to the country. Hence all of us shall be treated equally, why is that we have to differentiate you and me by the colour of the skin. Put it this way, for every success story, if we have 10 contributor, and 1 contribute 55% and the other 9 contribute the accumulative 45% to the success. It is still a contribution. Without the 45%, there isn't any victory to taste on.

Hence, I'm stressing here, "melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya". We have to have the believe that one day no one will ever tell others that I'm Malay, I'm Chinese, I'm Indian and I'm lain-lain but instead, proudly say I'm Malaysian in Malaysia.

Think of this, if all of us could gel nicely together, what kind of force that we are forming?

Shahawati said...

Dear Alex,

I as Malay understand what you try to say we as Malaysian. But my personnel opinion, you have to agreed first that racist exist not because Malay.

I studied in University which majority of my lecturer is Chinese, they didnot bother Malay student so much, if we ask them questions, they will ask us to find the answer ourselve or the way the answer it like "tak nak tolong aje. Kenape ye, if not because racist.

I like to coat what you say ' Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya." It is correct 100% correct. Why there is still exist Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan for Cina and India, and no Sek kebangsaan jenis Melayu. From small kids been told they are Chinese, they are India and what you expect after 10 years or 20 years, no racist.Please be more practical.

It happen in one of the Sek Keb jenis Cina, they can not participate in sport organise by Sek Keb. Why? Don't you think it is indirectly telling the kids that Cina students cannot play with Malay students. Who racist.

I Challange you, if really you Malaysian, suggest it to your community demolished Sek Jenis Keb. Let it be Malaysia with only Sek Keb, than we can be like Indonesia. Satu Bangsa Satu Negara, even on name only, at least we proudly can say we Malaysian.

Don't be like "bagi betis nak Peha".It is too MUCH.


noor faiza said...

Dear Alex,

Come to think of it, racist exist everywhere even in developed country like the U.S and Europe.

After all,the British were resposible for segmenting race by nature of job during the colonial time creating imbalances and problem among us.

To balance the unbalances, previous leaders introduced DEB. Everbody could share the cake.

Imagine Malaysia with the rich chinese and poor Malays and Indians. Definitely chinese could not prosper too as they will lose their economic power due to perang saudara. This is not imposibble to happen as it happen in Indon during financial crisis 97/98.

So I guess, we Malaysia are very lucky and blessed. We all must act as one even though we are multi racial. We are the priveledged bunch of people.

Thats my humble thots.

anaifaNIM said...

hi alex..

how r u?? d u read my comment in chedet's blog bout ur comment of UMNO.. i know tt is jus ur personal opinion.. we r free to express our opinion so long it is true.. i know u'r sincere.. don woryy..

in the sense of the "aku cina, aku melayu or aku india.." ye.. somtimes if we think of indonesia, yup they'll say "I'm indonesian".. n i think it's d same wh me.. whenever i go to singapore or brunei i'll introduce mself as malaysian, n not malay.. so it is same right..

regarding american.. u hev to remember tt the land was found by christopher columbus, n they took it over from the red indians.. tt's y they cannot have the special privillege to the mat salleh coz that is not their land.. but still there, long time ago the red indians were chased out n killed by the mat salleh n the black were forced to be slaves there only until the apartheid's system was abolished then the black is recognized as americans n were allowed to mix with them.. did this thing happen in malaysia long time ago or shul i say tanah melayu at tt time?? no.. coz we respect chinese n indians..

And in indonesia, d u know wat Sukarno did in his era? the chinese pple are not allowed to use their chinese names formally, cannot practice their faith in public, etc.. but can u c this happen in malaysia?? no right?? y?? sticoz we'r malaysian!!

even there's sekolah jenis kebangsaan in malaysia?? u cannot c this in indonesia.. in fact the chinese community here r still asking for more sekolah jenis kebangsaan?? did the govt deny these request.. ok, since the govt knows tt it might b impossible to have one school where all the races r there, so the govet suggest to have 'sekolah intergrasi'.. but no support from the indian n chinese?? Y??

imagine alex, if we malay came to ur land, then we wana built our own school, using our language n refuse to use urn language.. wat is ur feeling..put urself in our shoes..

i rili hate this issue of aku cina aku melayu aku india timbul.. only lately the issue of ketuanan melayu has become a big issue.. s usual the politician; BN or PKR or DAP or PAS tek advantage of it.. i dono.. tt's my opinion..

alex.. i do respect ur comment n pliz don't misunderstood my opinion k.. i always pray to God tt Malaysia will remain in peace always.. tt we all races can live in harmony.. but it's nice to read from u..

by d way, my english also bad.. atleast u'r better than mine.. (tt's y we nid english languange to be used in mathematics n science.. in this issue i do disagree wh some of the malays who loves to exaggerate issue which is not an issue at all..)


Alex Yap said...

Dear Shahawati

Let me clarify

1. I didn't say Malay is racist, or Chinese is racist or Indian is racist and etc. Let's not point finger to a particular race. That's ain't fair then. If we does point finger, then we create racial tension. Not good. Later kena ISA. All I wanted to say is if we can get rid of the perception that "I am a particular race". I just hope that all of us have the mentality that I'm a Malaysian. Again, think of the power if all of us can gel together, what kind of force that we are forming? Give it a good thought.

2. Which University, which lecturers? Report them to the Dean/Minister of Education. Get them paid for their unprofessional behaviour. Second, is this your personal opinion or do you have other scenario to support your statement?

2.1 Put it this way, in University, we are suppose to be resourceful rather having the mentality of liking to be spoon fed. I did my degree locally, where I'm being spoon fed. Ya I'm happy being spoon fed. Then I further my studies to Melbourne. The culture change 180%. I need to stand on my own feet. Lecturer won't help, they encourage d us to do more research online and frequent library, IEEE and other professional paper. The lecturers instill a very good practice in us where you are your own man/woman. Live with it. Think of it, Shahawati.

3. Which SJKC that cannot participate in sport events organized by SK? Is there a reason behind it? Have you find out the reason? It looks like the comment is also your own assumption. If indeed yes, name them, report them to ministry of education. Educate them.

I went to SK when I was a kid, I have tonnes of friends from other races. No problem with that. I have to say, in the first few years, I have been bullied and marginalised by my peers but I never angry at them simply because I know if I do get angry with them, then I am no different and there is no way to make friends. We are such a good friends now. Now whenever I go back to my hometown, we chit-chat at mamak or even chinese kopitiam. No problem at all. If you wanted to see, come I can bring you to my kampung, you can how harmony we all.

Shahawati, education is a very basic thing a human need. By learning your own mother tongue doesn't mean that you have to be racist. It is just like learning another foreign language. How can one try to learn Japanese end up racist. This is weird.

It is the same, when you go to religious school. Religion tell us to be a good person. No nothing at all, that taught us to be a bad person. Same goes to the vernacular school. Did the vernacular school taught the student to be racist? If yes, again, report them, nail those culprit. If I do not remember wrongly, I saw chinese syllabus that teaching us to live happily in the "masyarakat majmuk", remember those phrase, "abu, muthu, chong" which tell us that we need to blend nicely into our society.

Asking them to demolished the school. Put it this way, if I ask you remove some privileges that you have been enjoying since 30 - 40 years ago, can you do that just to be fair to other people that really need the help? I would say, we cannot just take it away, that will create a lot of uneasy feeling, you have to know what you can offer to replace the existing privileges and making fair to others.

Regarding your statement "Don't be like "bagi betis nak Peha".It is too MUCH."

Don't get too emotional. We are just debating the issue. Your statement is rather too bias isn't. I would to ask why you say "bagi betis, nak peha". Is it other people is like a beggar from your perspective? Give a deep thought.

Again, this is just some debate, it doesn't mean to hurt feelings of anyone. Don't get into it personally. Look it a more rational perspective.

Alex Yap said...

Arghh .. god .. i was in a rush to go home just now. I didn't proof read my writing before posting. It looks like there are a lot of missing words. I'm sorry for that.

Ban said...

Dear Shahawati,

"I Challange you, if really you Malaysian, suggest it to your community demolished Sek Jenis Keb. Let it be Malaysia with only Sek Keb, than we can be like Indonesia. Satu Bangsa Satu Negara, even on name only, at least we proudly can say we Malaysian."

I can't believe you just said that. If wanna demolish all the Sek Jenis Keb, then you have to demolish ALOT of International Schools as well.. Heck, why not even demolish all those Private college such as Sunway University? IMO, you think very narrowly, you are not giving us much choices because some parents want their children to have knowledge of let's say China or India's history as well as Malaysia history as well.. More knowledge won't hurt right?

"Don't be like "bagi betis nak Peha".It is too MUCH."

You know, I don't really like what you said. In fact, I HATE what you said. Because you know why? Why we wanna ask for Peha when we never get Betis from the Government or Malay after all? As Chinese, most of us worked our ar*e off to succeed or survive. Majority of us get NONE benefit at all from gov except for the expensive Toll and petrol, other than that, NONE!

Remember this, HATE creates racism. Some ppl might be racist but u don't have to be like them, you don't have to be racist to fight off racist ppl.

Shahawati said...


Thank you for noticing my comment. I study in local university so racist happen. No need to name it because for me simple, here as you said we only give pendapat. But it still same what happen is happen.

Regarding coat bagi betis nak peha, I believe you know the meaning, it is very simple, everybody (not Malay off course exspecially Chinese) voice and question Hak Keistimewaan Orang Melayu for eg; by saying we are Malaysian - should this mean we should be treated the same?

If that is the meaning behind it, don't you think that you are a bit manipulative to make people agreed with you.

For me very simple, government give speciality to Chinese and Indian community to have their special/own school, sponsored by government. Majority my Indian friend agreed that Tamil school doesnot make much different for Indian society but different with Chinese.They want to mould their own new generation. They even have their own exam they call UEC and ask government to recognise it that this is better than SPM or equivalent to STPM. Don't you think it is double standard.

I believe we want to have truly Malaysian, the school should be ONE, no Cina, No India and No Malay. Our kids are same. Insyallah in 10 years time or 20 years time to come we will have what we want. One Nation-Malaysian.

But knowing Chinese they only take but not give, so I believe without strong leader this ideas maybe difficult to achieve.

Bagi betis nak peha, in this issues is you want Malay to give out their right, but you (Chinese) does not want to give up or share the reason and problem behind it (One of it school and other one is Economic).

Maybe you can share with me this scenario, since you study abroad maybe this should be good for you to think... When I am in university, we have Chinese society, this one guy from Melaka, he cannot speak Chinese language, they didnot accept him in the society and even this boy excell in curricular activities they never recommend him for anything because he is not Chinese enough for not know how to speak Chinese. We from Malay societies help him to got all the credit he should get for his effort and contribution. Maybe if you want more details on this matter I will provide you if I feel it won't jeopardise anybody future, for this as you said just pendapat only.

Dalam hidup, tiada pencapaian yang menkjubkan tanpa pengorbanan.

Believe me, We Malay definitely agreed to said that we are Malaysian but do others willing to share what they have fairly.

OK for now.


Alex Yap said...

Good day Nor Faiza

I agree that racist exist everywhere even in developed country like US or Britain. Again, that is not an excuse for us to condone racist. Recently I receive a very racist remarks from a surfer called Razik. I don't even want to address him as blogger because he is so racist. He is a such a disgrace to human race.

Yes, I agree that the Brits are the one who should be responsible. But that is a past. We need to move forward. You agreed that the segregation does exist and why are we, the new generation not pushing for correction. Why are we not voicing our discontent here. I do not believe anyone that is not capable of moving forward without incentive from certain party. If we walk down the road, we can see a lot of the doctors, lawyers and other pros that receive no helps from government and yet they are so successful.

All those promises, where does it end up? In someone pocket? Think of it.

I agree that balances are very important to ensure the growth of the country but in the same time we need to ensure there is a significant competition among the people which will improve the growth rate and quality. With a healthy competition (a fair one), then all the consumers will be benefited.

I agree with you that we need to act as one rather than like what chinese said "a pail of loose sand" that never gel together.

Alex Yap said...

Dear Anaifa (Is this your real name?)

Yes, I read your comment in chedet.

Ok point taken regarding the land. I agree that in the past, we have been living in harmony. But now, we are so segregated. The racial card played by our politician have split our "masyarakat majmuk" apart. In the past, I have heard that the multi-racial malaysian live in harmony. Malay have no problem going to chinese restaurant to chit-chat with their friends. Of course, they don't consume the food there. Nowadays, no more, I'm sure a lot of Malay would say, never enter chinese restaurant, later kena samak or worst still, some religious body come and catch you. As I mentioned before, my kampung is different, Malay folks in my kampung do not have problem with chinese or whatsoever. We all are so "kamcheng".

I didn't say I wanted Malaysia to be like in Sukarno era. You yourself do not condone to this practice. I'm just qouting some example. When we compare to another thing, we should compare to a good one. No point telling people that, "lar, they also discriminate so it is ok for me to discriminate also". It should be "this is wrong, we should not follow their example".

Sekolah Integrasi, interesting. What is the agenda of this school. Does it rob the basic rights of another community? Since you asked why, did you ever think why there is no support from chinese or indian? I don't believe if the Sekolah Integrasi is good for all, then they won't be any support. I have a daughter, if this good, I will be the 1st one on the queue.

Your land? Interesting topic. I do not want to argue that how Malay came to this land and own it. I do not really know what happen 1000 years ago. Trust me, all of us live in a symbiosis mode. Without a particular group of people doing the plantation, administration, trading and etc, Malaysia simply would not be born. Hence all of us contributed to the country regardless of how much it is.

Talking about school and language. Let me tell you a fact: I have a friend from China. He live in a place very close to North Korea. In fact, he can cross the border easily. In his place, it is a special province administration. The people living there is all China National but they use Korean in their administration. Most of them are Korean descendants but living in China. They regards themselves as Chinese and not Korean. But they use Korean language in their day to day activities and also in the official document. China government never rob off their rights. Even for a country that so strict with their rules can respect their own people in certain sense.

That's the point, when I comment in chedet. I urge Tun Dr Mahathir to be more sensitive when writing article. If you go on and read other comment posted by some of our fellow Malaysian, you can see how RACIST they are.

Ya, let's pray that GOD look after all of us and hope that we can see the new dawn on the horizon.

Hmm .. using English in Mathematics and Science. I'm not 100% supporting this statement. It is fine that we wanted to use English in Mathematics and Science. But if our main objective is to improve the english ability in our graduates, it is the practice that makes perfect. If we hardly use English in our day to day activities, just by learning the language alone is not enough. After finishing secondary school, I hardly speak english because my school, SEMESTA, Raub do not have the english speaking culture. When you try to speak, people said you are so arrogant. I speak "karat" Malay. I only picking up my english when I study in Taylors College.

Tan Sri said...

I aplaud your apology in chedet. Takes a lot of courage to admit that he/she is wrong.
We all agree on the same basic thing..we do not want any confrontations between the races living in Malaysia, we all want to live in peace and I think the best way to go is to agree to disagree on certain issues. We shouldn't be focusing on our differences but rather embrace our unique traits. I've got to say Malaysia is one of the most interesting places to live in because we get to learn so much from each other. And I really don't see the harm in admitting that you're a Malay,Chinese or Indian first before saying you're a Malaysian..why? because we still value our culture, we're proud of our upbringing and we treasure our way of life, our celebrations..there's really no harm in it. If you prefer to be known as a Malaysian first, and a Chinese second..again, no harm. I can understand a non-Malay's concern when UMNO keeps harping on protecting the Malays' interest. You probably feel sidelined. But please don't forget, MCA is there to protect the rights of the Chinese, and MIC for the Indians. Have the non-malays really suffered throughout the years living here in Malaysia? Has it really been that bad? I see poor suffering Malays everywhere too. It's not like us Malays are sitting way up there in castles, while the non-Malaysia work their assess off as slaves. I see many successful Chinese and Indians. Would this be possible if the non-Malays are so-called opressed? I don't think the Chinese in China are faring any better than the Chinese in Malaysia, to be honest. So sometimes, I wonder why there's so much dissatisfaction. If you say that we are not grateful to the contribution of the non-Malays, and that all you get in return are high toll charges and expensive petrol, etc., please don't forget, the toll charges are not just for the non-Malays..:)We 'privileged' Malays, unfortunately, have to pay the higher toll charges and petrol as well. Alex, our nation's problems now affect us all, and not just to a specific race. In my personal opinion, certain politicians are playing the race card to prove certain points or to garner support from certain camps. Let us not be fooled by that and fight amongst ourselves. Malay rights have always been around, it's nothing new. And we've lived in harmony all these years. Why all these questions now?

Alex Yap said...

Dear Tan Sri

Interesting name, I suppose you wanted to be Tan Sri or you are Tan Sri.

First, thank you for the comment.

I agree that Malaysia is one of the most interesting place to live considering that we are so rich in different cultures. If we mingle a lot with other races, I agree with you that we have so much to learn from each others.

Yes you have a point there, when everyone address themselves that I'm Malay, I'm Chinese, I'm Indian, I'm Kadazan, I'm Dusun and I'm lain-lain (poor people have to address themselves as lain-lain), which is fine, but in the same time our politician play the racial card strongly. I'm talking about UMNP harping on the issue of protecting the Malays rights or Ketuanan Melayu. It just doesn't help. It creates a lot of anxiety in themselves. Don't forget when our leaders like Hishamuddin, Najib and KJ uttering threat to chinese. I'm fine with the keris thing, I don't feel threaten but when they mentioned something very racist. In 1987, Najib, as UMNO Youth Chief, infamously threatened to "bathe the keris in Chinese blood". I believe our fourth floor boys KJ also did the same. That's scary isn't it. Sometime I understand that, the phrase was to garner support from Malays by giving impression to the Malays that he is "Pejuang Bangsa". Again, it does not help to create unity. Now he is talking about PLKN/NS some more. What a joke.

MCA and MIC didn't really helping the chinese and indians. Instead of helping the chinese and indians, they become "despatch boy" for UMNO. They "obey" to orders from UMNO. Only those people in MCA & MIC itself benefited. Ask the chinese and indians on the street, what have MCA & MIC done. Where is all the allocations?

Have the non-malays really suffered throughout the years living here in Malaysia? Has it really been that bad? Yes I would say so. My mom used to be a red-card IC holder although she was born in Malaysia. Why? Because we get discriminated. It takes a lot of struggle for my mom to be a MALAYSIAN. My mom has to quit her school when she was only 10 years old in order to help the family meets the end needs. Hmm .. I would say, non-malays have struggled a lot to reach the state where their next generation do not need to go through what their parents/grandparents have gone through. Tan Sri, there are plenty of poor chinese and indians as well. To be exact, there are plenty of poor people out there regardless of race. These people is the one really need help. To those successful chinese and indians, you should ask them, I believe they have gone through the hardest period of their life in order to be successful. Success is result of continuous perseverance.

So much of dissatisfaction? Let me qoute myself as an example. During my days, err .. 1996 when I did my SPM. I got 7As out of 9 subjects (aggregate 9) and at that time it was considered a very decent result. Plus, I'm an ex-national rugby player for U-19 that took part in Asia Cup in Taiwan. With the decent result and excellent extra-curricular activities background, I did not get any offer for a place in UNI. Why is that so? Whereas some of my malay friends who get aggregate 20+ get a place in University of Malaya, UTM and etc. Huh .. why is that so? It end up that my parents have to fork out a huge sum of money to send me to private uni. Seriously I do not how the students nowadays take 18 subjects. Goodness, how they do it? Has our education quality drop? You tell me, how can I get satisfied?

Ok whatever happen in the past is a past. Nothing to shout above. Let's look forward.

Regarding the toll thing, why is that unfair contract being signed with the those company? Government is very irresponsible in this sense. Look at LDP, the profit is almost 9x the cost. Goodness, why kind of business is this? I also want. Even an dropout can tell us that, it is absurd.

I have no problem with the rights of whatsoever. I have a lot of malay friends that condemn the government as well because when they said, NEP is needed for Malay. But my friends are not benefited from it. They wanted it to be scrapped. They wanted it to be fair and square. They don't want other people look at them and say "ah lar, government tolong". Those guys are briliant and equally capable. A lot of people said, the NEP only allocated to those UMNOputra. With fair competition, then only we can see improvement.

Again, Tan Sri, thanks for your comment, nice reading from yours.

Ex Semesta (1993-1997) said...

A Chinese will always be Chinese

Semesta (1993-1997) said...

Youre former SBP student...
We are from the same school but you were my senior....
I disagree with your opinion saying that MCA,MIC didnt't help their people...You said they were just kulis to UMNO????
You should think twice...remember the govt gave you the opportunity to enter SBP system, you should be grateful with it.......

Alex Yap said...

To my junior from Semesta Identified yourself.

I disagree with your opinion saying that MCA,MIC didnt't help their people...You said they were just kulis to UMNO????

[LX] - It is ok that you disagree with me. This is an democracy world, everyone entitled to his/her opinion. Yet, I stand by my point, MCA and MIC are useless. They are UMNO's kuli batak.

You should think twice...remember the govt gave you the opportunity to enter SBP system, you should be grateful with it.......

[LX] - Interesting word "opportunity" & "grateful". First of all, what opportunity? Do you really think that BN government put me in SBP is for my own good? Think again.

If yes, that it is more obvious that they are so much of discrimination. Why 99% is Malay and only 1% is non-Malay? Are the rest of the non-Malay are SHIT stuff and they are not good enough for SBP where 95% of the expenses are subsidised?

2. Grateful, what grateful. Why should I be grateful to the government. Education is my basic rights. Why should be I grateful to the government? I pay thousands of ringgit as taxes to government. I'm their bosses. Government is elected by the people. Government officer are not god, they work for the people and please don't expect me to "kiss" their hand as a sign of respect. Without the people who are the government officer?

Alex Yap said...

Another ex-semesta arsehole.

You are racist. You are not welcome to my blog.

Go fuck yourself.