Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grand Saga Highway Barrier Is A Fuel Guzzler

Interesting article by Paul Tan at I wanted to make some correction to Paul Tan calculation that only based on 1000 cars. I understand that there are 38000 residents there.

Let's do a simple mathematics:

- Considering 5 people per household, hence equivalent to 7600 families there.
- Considering 1 family own 1 car, (hey nowadays, minimum also 2 cars per family), hence 7600 cars.
- Hence total petrol consumption is 345.6 litres (per annum per car) x 7600 cars = 2 626 560 litres of petrol. A whopping 2 million 6 hundred 26 thousand 5 hundred 60 litres extra that needed to be consumed.
- Considering RM 1 subsidy per litre, a wastages of RM 2 626 560.00 of government money. Huh ..
- If 1 family own 2 car, then equivalent to RM 5 253 120. 00. Fuyoh, if government can negotiate with the bloody Grand Saga and come out with a plan that benefit both the residents and of course Grand Saga lor. The whopping 5 MILLION can be used to subsidized other thing.

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