Friday, May 9, 2008

Waxing, Pain is not a factor for me

The other day my company have this little getaway from work by having a bowling competition at OneUtama. I haven't bowl for almost 2 years. After the bowling session, I felt a sharp pain on my shin and I guess it is due to muscle strain. Hence I applied the SALONPAS patch from Hisamitsu on my shin. Ya ya ya, I forgotten about the hair on my shin. The fear of pain start to build up in me.

The next day, before I tried to remove it I have to take a big gasp. Arghhh ... I peeled off the patch from my shin and I can feel a sudden sharp pain. Huh .. the pain lasted for a while and it was quite ok considering that my shin is not that hairy. Huh .. a breathtaking experience.

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