Friday, May 9, 2008

Waroeng Penyet - The Curve

We brought our maid to have some of her kampong delicacies. It is the Waroeng Penyet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Below are the details:

Location : Near the bridge to Ikano Power Center at first floor
Address : Lot 132, First Floor The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+601) 7200 3988 / Fax: (+65) 6400 7998 (I got this from the website, but it looks like it is Spore phone number)
Food Type: Traditional Indonesian Food
Price: Reasonable (considering that it is air conditoned)
Cleanliness : 3 star
Food : 3 star
Halal : Yes

1. Front: Es Milo Dinosaur (basically it is Ice Milo with additional Milo powder on top of it. I give 3 star)
2. Back: Es Cendol (1star, very bad, the cendol is too soft, the coconut milk is not fresh. If your stomach is not strong, it is a no no for you.)

Closer view of the Es Cendol

More view on Es Cendol

Gado - gado

Ayam Penyet, opps sorry, SF forgot to take a snapshot before eating it. (Guess what, she is too hungry, she wanted to "penyet" the chicken)

Bakso Gorent Penyet

Basically most of the dishes at Waroeng Penyet name either start with or contain the word "PENYET"

Some "About Us" that I took from Waroeng Penyet website.

==== Copyright to Waroeng Penyet ====
Waroeng Penyet was initially opened on 5th January 2007 in Block 81 Marine Parade Central #01-638.

The word "Waroeng" means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve ranges choices of traditional authentic food with a reasonable price (unlike fine dining restaurants). The word "Penyet" means "Flattened" as most of the main dishes are being flattened. But this is just a Javanese-style of making the food unique as compared with other dishes. It does not affect in terms of taste or quality.

Waroeng Penyet was opened by 4 Indonesians who have been living in Singapore for a few years and longing to serve a real traditional Javanese food to the locals as well as to Indonesians who reside here. Due to good response and demand from customers, Waroeng Penyet has opened its 2nd branch in Blk 134 Jurong East St 13 (Jurong Cafe food court) in order to cater to the residents around there.

Within few weeks after opening, few media have come and did a publicity due to the good response from customers and also the good taste of several signature HALAL dishes like Ayam Penyet (the original one), Empal Penyet, Ayam Bakar, Siomay Bandung (Fish Dumplings w/ Peanut Sauce), Chicken Satay and Chicken Soto. On top of all that, the factors that make Waroeng Penyet different than the other restaurants that serve similar dishes are the belachan chilli (sambal terasi) as we serve spicy and mild version. This chilli is freshly made every morning in a very traditional way by our Yogyakarta-originated head chef. As for the drinks, our specialty drinks are Avocado Juice, Ice Cendol, Happy Soda and Teh Botol. All the dishes are priced reasonably to cater all markets here.

Several medias that have recommended Waroeng Penyet are Berita Harian (2 times), The Straits Times (2 times), MediaCorp Suria Channel (Suria Segar TV programme) and also TransTV Indonesia Channel.

What makes Waroeng Penyet unique is also because it is several times visited by many local celebrities (Aaron Aziz, Hafeez Glamour, Adi Rahman, Lukman SPS, Suria artistes, Jai Wahab, Ronald Susilo, etc) as well as Indonesian celebritries (Peterpan, Samsons, Nidji, NuMata Band, Meriam Bellina, etc).

Waroeng Penyet strives to serve a good quality food and we humbly welcome feedbacks and comments in order to serve our customers better. You can send your feedback to or SMS to (+65)91775394.

With the continuos support from all the customers, we are planning to expand our wings to several parts in Singapore so that more people can enjoy the real traditional Javanese food.
==== END ====

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