Friday, May 2, 2008

LX Grilled Lamb (homemade) vs Cao Cao Grilled/BBQ Lamb

Out of the frustation after taking Cao Cao Grilled/BBQ lamb at Jalan Kuchai Lama, I decided to cook grilled lamb on my own. If you look at previous blog on Cao Cao grilled/bbq lamb, then you would know why I'm so frustrated.

So I prepare the grilled lamb + chicken chop and SF prepare the salad, baked potato, mushroom soup + garlic bread.

The Conclusion
SF said my version is much better of Cao Cao's. SF don't take mutton, but she can tell that Cao Cao is not nice cause it is tasteless. She tasted my version and she gives thumb up. (Not because I'm her hubby so she say nice thing, but it is the fact. Don't worry, I'll go back tonight to re-affirm with her.)

To Marinate
Shallot juice,
Garlic juice,
Ginger juice,
Soy Sauce,
Oyster Sauce,
Side view of my grilled lamb (pls ignore the chinese teapot at the background, I know a bit mismatch, western with eastern? hmmmm)

Topside view of my grilled lamb, chicken chop, baked potato & salad

More on grilled lamb ..

Baked potato ...

Baked Potato ..

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

More on mushroom soup + garlic bread

SF's grilled chicken chop

Gravy that I prepared for the chicken chop

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