Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eye on Malaysia, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

In 2007, I had promised SF that I will bring her to "Eye on Malaysia" since I cannot afford to bring her to London Eye for time being. As we procrastinate, the promise also went down to the drain. All a sudden, as we noticed, SF already in her final trimester, so we guess it is not a good idea to try largest Ferris Wheel in Malaysia (since we heard that it was built in rush without appropriate approval from the local authority, gulp gulp, dare to dxx?). Then it is almost year end, 31 Dec, oh no, they are going to dismantle the "Eye on Malaysia".

It is lucky the organizer "procrastinate" as well. They have extended the "lifetime" of "Eye on Malaysia" till 31 August 2008. So happen, early this month, FIL & SIL came down to town to visit us. So we were like, "why not, visit "Eye on Malaysia" this time round". And below are some of the shot taken by SF without the tripod. So the quality might deter a bit.

Ning Ning with daddy at "Eye on Malaysia"

Oh No, the Flash is coming, turn around ..

A happy family ..

Eye on Malaysia in Purple

Eye on Malaysia in White

Eye on Malaysia in Turquoise and White

Eye on Malaysia in White and Green

Wonderful night view of Kuala Lumpur's KLCC the Petronas Twin Towers

I have never thought, KL is so beautiful at night ...

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