Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Complaint: Bad Service from Astro

On 9 June 2008, I called Astro at 1300 82 3838. THREE things that I am so dissatisfied with Astro.
  1. Long waiting time
  2. Bad support from customer service officer
  3. Wrong information in the leaflet
Long Waiting Time - I was made to wait for 8 1/2 minutes before I get attended by the customer service officer.
- It took 3 - 5 minutes for the customer service officer to get my problem solved eventhough it can be done in 1 minutes.

Bad Service
- When I asked the customer service what should I do, she insist that I just put in the new gold card that I have received from Astro. Damn it, I have tried.
- I have to ask her 3 times that what I have to do first. I've told her that I'm currently viewing a program at channel 311. So do I need to be in standby mode before pulling the old card out. She insist NO. I kept asking because the method that she asked to do, I have already tried it on my own before calling ASTRO at 1300 82 3838. Damn it, she don't understand English is it.
- Finally at the fourth time of confirmation, she told me that I have to switch to channel 880 and put in the new card for activation. Sighhh..... Astro should really train their staff properly. There are hundred one ways of solving problem. The customer service officer should be more alert in listening to the customer situation before offering solution.

Wrong Information Sent to me
- There are only 4 steps given to me in the leaflet.
- There ain't step for channel 880. Sighh
- When I question the customer service officer, on why no channel 880 in the leaflet. She told me that "Ooo.. that leaflet is wrong". What the heck, if it is wrong, why on earth they still send me the wrong info. So irresponsible act by Astro.


Anonymous said...

Strongly believe that a 'smart meter' type recorder (perhaps even modifier, ELF/EMF emitter) of biological functions and camera might also be hidden within the 'decoder'. It is decoding your brainwaves nothing else - a form of neurotech. And on top of that you are paying 20-100 times more than whatr other nations. This is likely in collusion with, and with the permission of guess which government? Vote carefully.

Alex Yap said...


Sounds like a big conspiracy.