Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 2: Taking bus from workplace to home

A good day

Today I decided to use another route to catch U43. I knocked off around 5:30pm and waited for U88 at Uptown towards One Utama.

5:40 pm - U82 reached Uptown, this one also goto One Utama but pass by Taman Tun first, which take longer route to One Utama. U88 go straight to One Utama.
5:55 pm - Another U82, so decided to to take this since no sign of U88.
6:15 pm - U82 reached One Utama.
6:20 pm - U43 reached One Utama. Yeah, managed to grab a seat.
6:40 pm - U43 reached Kelana Jaya LRT station. Traffic is very bad today.
7:15 pm - U43 reached IOI mall. Need to catch U69/U60.
7:20 pm - U60 reached IOI mall. Boarding this bus. Opps to my horror it didn't use the DHL. Artwright, Koi Tropika, Puchong Hartamas route. It went to the main LDP road. But there is a bless in disguise, I found out that U60 stop right in front of my housing area. Even nearer to my house compare to taking U69.
7:30 pm - U60 reached PU.
7:33 pm - Reached home in time for dinner. SF just finished cooking 3 meals with 1 soup. Yummy.

Success story:
- U82
- U60

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