Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazy Bug Strikes Again.....

Some must be wondering, why I didn't update blog lately. Getting slower and slower. Ya the lazy bug strikes back again.

Lately I get some works to do. Finally my boss assigned me something to do and he makes me "sign with blood" that I will deliver my work in 4 days time. Gulp gulp, he wanted me to come out with a tool to perform sanity testing on the system configurations made by the engineers here. FYI, the system configurations made by the engineers here is in PERL. So I was like, OMG ... my PERL so terrible, then he asked me to parse the PERL configurations instead.

So I began to sweat. Starting with something simple, then I start scribbling at my rough paper to design the flow for the tools that I want. This time, I need to move fast. I only have 4 days to come with a working tools. A prototype that makes sense at least. So I spend the next 2 hours designing the tools. During the implementation time, I get stucked here and there and there. Goodness, I'm damn nervous already.

I have the ideas for tools, I will use PERL to parse the PERL configuration into hashes and make the comparison with excel sheet. Yes I will use PERL to parse the microsfot excel sheet as well. One thing that stop and deter me the most, the syntax of PERL is killing me. Can't get the dereferencing of array and hash properly. I'm so used to C & C++, jezz, having hard time. Luckily I have a sen-seh sitting next to me. In fact, the PERL tool that I'm writing was to parse my sin-seh PERL configuration cause his PERL configuration have a lot of bugs that keep him in constant radar with the management. Har, funny huh, I need to ask my sin-seh that produces a lot of bugs. Hey, don't get me wrong, his technical skills is good just that I felt he didn't test it thoroughly.

Parsing the PERL configuration into hashes is ain't an easy task. I need to understand his configuration, his design and logic before I can completely parse the configuration.

Luckily by the last day, I come out with something that actually works. Thumbs UP .. that's what my manager said. He is pretty impress with my tools with the fact that I was given such a short time to do it (oh course lar, what do you think, you make me sign with blood, hahaha). Of course, it is just a prototype, I have written down few areas that can be improved further. Hmm... I'm going to make this tool a nightmare for the TEST team. Catch me if you can .... No bugs can be catch by TEST team. FYI, being a former tester, I really know how TESTER think. When I was in CDMA team, back then, very seldom my tester can catch bugs from my code. If you really wanted to catch me, you really need to think outside the box of an tester, cause I KNOW HOW YOU THINK !!!!

After coming with the tools last week, it really strained me to the max. I felt so lethargic now. Mentally strained. Plus on, I didn't really have a good weekend, hence it does not help ..

I was supposed to deliver the full working toll this friday, but I decided to laid back for a while. I'm so tired and bored. Darn, I need caffeine.

I got some materials and photos to blog on, but can't find the mood yet. Stay tune for more updates....

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