Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake: Touching Stories #3

A soldier was reporting for duty in Sichuan, his hometown, where his family still staying when the earthquake struck.

He received order to move from Point A to Point B. His house is in between Point A and Point B and so happened the route that they used to reach Point B did by pass his house. Hence he did dropped by at his house (no longer house, the whole building had collapsed). He found his mother still alive trapped underneath the debris, and his mom said "Mom, is ok, go go save other people first. I'll wait for you here."

Then he quickly made his move to Point B. Upon finishing his duty at Point B, he quickly rush back to his house to save his mother. At this point, the whole world seems to fall on him. His mother has died.

He said this "Mama, wo hen du bui ji nie" (Mom, I'm so sorry).

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