Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scam: Lucrative vacation offer by FilterFxxxx

Folks, if you ever received a call from tele-marketer telling you that you have been choosen to receive a lucrative vacation package away to Langkawi/Tioman/Redang or whatsoever, DO NOT fall into their trap.

One of my friend, received the call and went to the office. All my friend wanted is the voucher for the vacation and he has no intention to buy any product from this water filter company.

Initially the treatment was very good, my friend was invited to have a seat. Everything went very smooth up to the point when he was asked to fill in the form for recording purpose.

When he filled the form given to him, he stated that he not interested in water filter thing nor wanted to be agent for them. After the so call manager fella saw the form, he straight away asked my friend, what is the purpose he come to the office for FilterFxxxx? Then my friend said, your tele-marketer called me and I'm interested with the voucher offer. Then all a sudden, that fella changed, he asked my friend to leave. And NO voucher given. Cheh ....

To all, please beware of this scam. Don't fall into the trap. Don't just because of a voucher that might worth only RM 300 and end up losing RM 3000 to all these scumbag.

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