Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Diu" and "Niamah"

I find very hilarious when I read others blog with the word "Diu" or "Niamah". Hahaha .. last time when I just came back from Melbourne after staying 2 years there, I picked the habit of saying "What the fuck are you doing here?" , "Where the fuck you wanna go?", "How you going? (should sound and means as 'How are you doing', but dunno why oz like to pronounce it in such a way)". The word "Fxxx" is so common, hence I don't find it offensive.

So when I just got back, I still have that habit inside me, but I find most of the Malaysian felt offended and the word "Fxxx" is a no no thing. Gosh ...

Now when I read

Patrick Teoh

5xmom (chan li lian)

Kenny Sia

Seriously I find it very hilarious. Perhaps, I should start using it the word "Diu" and "Niamah".

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