Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to put/embed songs/midi file at Blogspot

For those who wonder how to include/put/embed songs/midi/mp3 into your blog, here are the steps:
  1. Goto Manage Layout
  2. Add a Page Element (HTML/Javascript - your blog must support javascript)
  3. Include the code below

  • width = how long you wanted to plugin (Windows Media Player / Quicktime) to look like.
  • src = source, the location of your media file
  • autostart = true / false. True means that the moment the page is loaded, the song will start.
  • loop = replay the song when it is finish
  • height = how "thick" you wanted your plugin to look like.


karthika said...

Nice details..

aegan stills, songs

Alex Yap said...


Glads that the information helps.

Jarabs said...

hi.. where can i find midi file link to add on the html code?

Alex Yap said...


You need to go to Design section to Add a HTML widget.

Ainara said...

a very clear instruction and easy to understand..thank you..^ ^