Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conclusion: Experiment on Taking Public Transport - BUS

Many of you must be asking where are the other 2 days of my experiment in using public transport - bus. Hmm .. after taking 3 days in a row for last week. I can come out with my conclusion and summary.

- Save money (in petrol, parking and toll. Perhaps even save maintenance cost of the car)
- No need to drive (hence you don't need to curse the irresponsible driver that suddenly cut into your lane. Ya ya, I'm not a good driver cause I curse irresponsible driver.)
- Less worry on traffic jam. You can just sit tight let the traffic problem to the bus driver.
- Can meet more people, improve your network.
- Help you to slim down, cause you need to chase for time.

- Time consuming.
- Inconsistent bus (in terms of availability and timing)
- If rain, then a big problem.
- Expose yourself to pick-pocket.
- Unable to plan your time properly, where you spent most of your time in waiting for the bus or chasing for the bus.
- Reaching home late, spending less time with my family. Especially my baby daughter. Huh, not worthy, this is the time where she changed a lot, don't want to miss those moment.
- Tired, waiting and chasing for bus and seat.
- Expose to the dusty environment at the bus stop.

- I will only resort to taking bus if petrol price become unaffordable. So far, still manageable, just that I have to trim some unnecessary expenses.
- I will only resort to taking bus if we have a reliable transportation system where I can plan my journey from home to workplace and vice versa. Currently I cannot plan my time, I have to wait aimless at the bus station for the bus not knowing whether the buses will come or not. I hate living aimless. I wanted things under my control.

Again I am a strong supporter of public transport. I don't need a car to work if I can take efficient public transport. I really miss the transportation system in Melbourne.

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