Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 3: Taking bus to workplace

Today I woke up 15 mins earlier than usual. Hehehe .. woke up at 7am but doze off again till 7:16am. I get myself ready by 7:28am, huh 12 mins .. that's a record. Then have breakfast and leave home by 7:40am.

7:45 am - U60 reached PU.
7:55 am - U60 reached Tesco Puchong.
8:00 am - U43 reached Tesco Puchong. Huh, so close.
8:30 am - U43 reached Sunway Toll. Apparently there is a 3 car accident at Western Digital (the opposite side towards Sunway). One thing I find out very frustrating is Malaysian are busy body/nosy. Most of the cars that pass by the accident area will slow down and glance at the scene. OMG, if you are not going to help, then don't bother to even glance at it. Keep moving. Don't slow down. You are causing problem to other motorists.
8:58 am - U43 reached Uptown.
9:03 am - Reached office.

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