Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is This An Act of Retaliation?

Someone argue this is an act of retaliation from the government for losing 5 states + 2/3 majority in the parliament in this General Election 2008. Is that so?

I don't view it in such a way. Reviewing the price of petrol is inevitable, but as I have argued before, the price hike must be reasonable and bearable by the rakyat. At the point where the rakyat is fighting against inflation, the rakyat got a double straight punch to the face. I would say a TKO to the rakyat. Rakyat is the big loser.

Why is it double straight punch to the face? Electricity and PETROL !!!!!
  1. New Electricity Tariff
  2. New Petrol Price
I sincerely hope this is not an action of retaliation against the rakyat. Because if it is, then UMNO folks and those that votes for BN also suffer since they also use petrol. Hence I do not think this is an act of retaliation. More towards improper planning and execution of ideas without proper reasoning and thinking. I really hope government will do something to relieve the burden on the rakyat.

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