Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do You Ever Love Me?

Yesterday I was on MC. So I just laid down at my couch (to become a potato couch) and watch the HKG drama, Money Maker Recipe "Si Lai Ku San".

I came to a scene where Tang Lai Meng asked her bf that "Do you ever love me?" before they broke off.

Hmm .. I was asking myself, is that really that important? Whenever a couple broke off, this question always pop up. Why is that we need to know whether our ex do ever love us or not. Is it that important to know? Beside will the answer "yes" make us feel better? The end result still we no longer together so does it matter?

So my verdict of the answer:

1. YES. May make us feel better but it confuse us because, if you do love me then why on earth that you broke off me.

2. NO. Adding salt on the wound. What the hell, if you do not ever love me, why on earth that you going steady with me.

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