Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ning Ning First Trip to Cinema

Finally after 2 years, SF and myself get the chance to watch movie in Cinema. It is showing Incredible Hulk. We had prepared for the worst so we took the corner seat next to the exit to escape easily just in case NingNing was scared by the loud noise.

But lady luck was with us, NingNing watched few advertisement at the beginning, and dozed off right before the actual show start. She slept all the way, and only woke up in the last 15 minutes.

I brought NingNing to the outside hall for the final 15 minutes since the actual fighting was in the end between Hulk and the bad guy. The noise is too much for NingNing, so I decided to go out with NingNing and let SF watch the ending since she had sacrificed so much all these while after having NingNing into our family.

Why the Hulk so ugly one ???

No worries, I can defeat The Hulk with my baby power...

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