Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid Government, Studid PDRM, Another Unnecessary Massive Jam

Bloody idiot government, bloody idiot PDRM, another massive jam.

Why is the rational having another road blocks. Damn it. Bastard. Scumbag.

City police chief said (in The Star) the roadblocks were part of its operations.

- Oii .. City police chief, you bodo. Malaysian need to go to work lar. People need to go work on time to make a living.
- If someone got fired because of this, then the bodo action is the one to be blame. Indirectly you guys shall be blamed and sued.
- If you all have so much of time and energy go catch thief, robber, mat rempit, rapists and etc lar. Don't create trouble to Malaysian. Remember, we tax payer pay your Fxxxing SALARY.

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