Friday, July 18, 2008

Blunder in making baby porridge

We have let our maid follow mom back to hometown to clean up the second floor of our shop-houses. Effectively on November 2008, mom will close her tailor (Sin See Toy, ie: New Modern Tailor) shop after a total 38 years. Mom need the second floor to put whatever things that can be moved. So we left with no maid to take care of the house chore. Guess what? The new No 4 would be me lor.

So I woke up at 7am to do the laundry, preparing baby bath tab and also baby porridge. FYI, normally my maid would take care of all those. So this time, I have to do it.

1st day - Too little rice for the porridge. Not enough for Ning Ning

Today - Too much rice, until the porridge also spill out.

Sigh .. a blunder prune daddy, I am..

Ingredients for baby porridge:
- Spinach
- Tomato
- Potato
- Anchovies soup (without oil and salt)
- Rice
- Fish Fillet.

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