Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ambiguity in TNB Bills

I received an email a while ago regarding some ambiguity in the TNB bills.

The bill reading as below

9 April 2008: Before=29128, Current=29380. Total Usage=252 units.

Following the tariff before Electricity Hike, (200 x 0.219) + (52 x 0.289) = RM 58.83

At 7 May 2008: Before=29128, Current=29968. Total Usage=840 units. (RM 228.76)

WAT !!! 29128 Again. Isn't that it should be Before=29380?????? So that the correct usage = 588 units.

One thing also strike me instancely, in Apr usage are 252 units (RM 58.83), suddenly in May usage is 588 units (RM 155.93). A whopping RM 97.10 extra?

Anyway, if the user did not check the bill properly, the user might have pay an extra RM 72.83 to TNB that has been making huge profit RM4.06bil.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd's net profit by 88% to a record RM4.06bil for the financial year (FY) ended Aug 31, against RM2.16bil previously.

- Not sure if the above email that I received is correct or not. Anyone has any personal experience, please share with us.
- Huh .. My personal success is reducing my electricity bill by RM 30 - 50 a month by NOT turning ON the aircond at night.
- Ranting a bit. Bloody hell, making huge profit RM4.06bil, still want to increase the electricity tariff. Bastard.

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feichai said...

You might wanna check whether it's a REAL reading or ASSUMPTION. I think there's a code for it. N / something: refer to the back of the bill for clarifications. Sometimes the bill reader malas, so he just key in assumptions.