Monday, July 28, 2008

A very bad weekend for me ....

A very bad weekend for me ...

I have been sick for the past 1 week..

First, it was just some fever (38.3 degree celcius)

Later, bad sore throat. Jezz I can't even sleep properly at night, the sore throat is so irritating.

Then, running nose and very very very bad cough joined the play. I coughed until my chest bone also feel like broken.

Worst still yet to come, I got nose bleeding .. Aiya ...

Then the violent cough also cause me to puke blood (Jezz this writing going to scare SF. I'm find honey. Doc said it is because I cough too violent. I took some phlegm syrup, now much better already).

The cough/phlegm (intended to reduce phlegm) syrup that the doc gave me is GREEN in color. I wonder will I turn into Incredible Hulk after drinking the potion or not. hahahaha. First time ever I see cough syrup in GREEN color. Normally is dark brown/black in color.

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