Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm A Free Man

Hahaha .. I'm a free man now .. at least now till Thursday .. Why?

SF has gone back to Sungai Siput. She even brought Ning Ning back to hometown. No no, we didn't end up in big argument. Chun Choong, her brother came back from Singapore for vacation, hence she decided to follow her siblings back to hometown for some reunions.

Hence, I will have 3 days "in cloud 9". No one going to disturb me before I go to bed. No waking in the nights to feed Ning Ning. Hahahaha .. I hope SF don't read about this. OMG !!!

So I have start calling my friends out for yum cha. heheeh kidding .. more like mahjong session.

It is similar to Lau Ching Wan movie "Seven Years Itch". hahahaha

OH no ... I know SF going to pinch/pull my ear till it drop .. gagagagagagagaga


Pooi Pooi said...

I'm going to text SF on this...yoo hoo!!!

Alex Yap said...

text mah text lar .. neh .. neh ... neh ....

i'm a free man

i'm a free man