Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm so lonely

Ya ya ya .. i had a great sleep yesterday since SF brought Ning Ning back to Sungai Siput for vacation. Ning Ning got the chance to get together with Po Po and Kung Kung.

Suddenly I felt the house is so empty and quiet. Normally it was filled with laughter and screaming from Ning Ning. Suddenly everything so calm. Only dad, mom and myself (+ our maid).

I used to let Ning Ning play on our bed at night before bedtime. Suddenly no more little monster jumping and screaming on my bed. Feel so lonely.

Suddenly I was like, "ayyy where is my wife?".

I miss my wife + daughter so much.

PS to SF:
My dear, I do miss you not only at Ning Ning .. hahahha

PS to Pooi Pooi:
Don't threaten me again .. grrrr ..

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