Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best, Famous, Good Food in Ipoh - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang

If you are looking for Best, Famous, Good Food in Ipoh, here you go. Number 1 in the lists - Curry Mee by Xin Quan Fang (in cantonese, Sun Chuen Fong). This is a highly recommended food and it is a MUST TRY item in Ipoh for the famous, best, good food.

Typically they are very good for 5 things:
  1. Curry Mee
  2. Kuey Teow Soup
  3. Side dishes (roast pork, stew pork, fresh prawn, steamed chicken, bean sprout (taugeh or nga choi, fyi, Ipoh taugeh is the best, it is fat (thick) and crunchy), sometime they do have pork maw)
  4. Ice Coffee (Kopi Suet by name in Ipoh)
  5. Ice Milk Tea (Teh Suet)
Business Hour : 7am to 2pm (You need to queue for about 15 mins, it is very packed)
Food Type: Authentic Curry Mee Noodle (I suppose they do not use santan/coconut milk in the curry gravy), Kuey Teow Soup (of course bee hoon also available)
Price: RM5 per bowl. side dishes = RM10
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 5/5 (2 thumbs up + 2 toes up. very good. MUST TRY)
Smoking and non smoking zone : Not sure (but so far, I guess Ipoh folks has been very considerate where they do not smoke inside in the shop)
Halal : NO (cause they served pork, arhahahaha)
Air Conditioned : NO (get prepared to sweat, not because of it is hot, but because of the curry. hehehhe)

Front: Ice Milk Tea (Teh Suet), Back: Ice Coffee (Kopi Suet)

Tips: Ipoh is famous for its white coffee, it is best served both hot/cold

The shop's name: Xin Quan Fang (Sun Chuen Fong)

The Gravy For Dip For Side Dishes

(The thick gravy is a perfect match with the side dishes. You should not miss this.)

Curry Mee + Bee Hoon

(The curry gravy is marvellous, the best in Malaysia and of course Ipoh. Not so milky taste which is great, course you won't feel bloated even though you whacked 2 -3 bowls. A bowl without meat is only RM 1.50)

Side Dishes

(MUST TRY: It goes perfect with the gravy dip dip above)

More pics

(Aiyo, my saliva also come out already)

Kuey Teow Soup

(FYI, kuey teow produced in Ipoh is famous for its smoothness. Cannot find elsewhere in Malaysia. Only in Ipoh. The clear soup is so fantastic. Simply awesome combination with the smooth (wet wet) kuey teow.)

Front Liner Army

(Opps, it is a bit messy, but trust me, they are very hygiene indeed)

The Curry Gravy

(WOW !! It is so oily, yes it is, but it taste so good simply it is sinful food.)

174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +6016-531 4193
Business hours : 8am - 12pm (at 12 pm, most side dishes would have been sold out)

GPS Coordinates : 4.593135,101.08422


Maps, if you coming from Simpang Pulai, you won't miss this.

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