Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm so bored today !!!!!

I dunno why I'm so bored today. Sighh .. Don't feel like doing any work eventhough I have a project due on 24 July. Sighhh .. Just feel like lay down and do nothing.

Yeah I won RM 20++ from yesterday mahjong session with Wai Hong and Loi. 2 things I learned yesterday:
  1. Don't be cocky and boastful that with good mahjong skills you will win. You need luck sometime to win big. Yesterday I tried not to be cocky and I win !!!! (to wai hong who probably going to read this. It WORKS ... hahahah)
  2. Wear Pink .. yeah you might thinking why not wearing RED. NO cause Wai Hong will sure wear her super fierce RED pants for the mahjong session. Look at her, so supertitious. In order to break her spell, I decided to wear a more gentle PINK to balance up the yin-yang power. (Hahaha, it works tooo !!!! Wai Hong is the sole loser yesterday. kakakaka $$$$$)
Ya nothing to blog actually .. too bored.

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